My name is Jakub Dohnal. Based on the experience of living  with the atopic eczema I have designed a suit that protects me from scratching skin during bouts of itching. You know better than anyone else that during these very moments we ourselves are the biggest problem. You can use all the medicine prescribed by your dermatologists, the skin never stops itching completely. That is why I started with a pair of gloves. Another problem was to keep the gloves on through the night, I usually unconsciously took them off during sleep and the effect of protection was gone. I decided to attach the gloves to the long-sleeved T-shirt. It worked perfectly; the skin damage after scratching was lessened more and more. I introduced this suit to one of the greatest specialist in the field of dermatology - Professor Peter Arenberger, The Vinohrady Hospital. He confirmed that this suit is definitely beneficial to anybody having this kind of disease. It was then up to me to get things going and at the end have the possibility to offer this unique solution to you.

I like to say: “I would not even wish this disease on my worst enemy. But even in this case, I say, everything bad is good for something.”



 The  PROATOPIC suit has been successfully tested by the State Healthcare Institute in Prague.  The certificate validates product safety and material composition. Furthermore, the certification process contained attest for the sensitive skin of children less than three years old. All these aspects of the unique PROATOPIC suit have been approved without any further adjustment.

This certificate serves as proof of the quality of our organic materials, including its origin. Since our main idea is to produce a PROATOPIC suit only in the Czech Republic, the European Union respectively. Production of the PROATOPIC suit took place in the Czech Republic, and specifically in Karlovy Vary.