Does your child suffer from atopic eczema, psoriasis or other disease resulting in itching?  Do your kids have trouble with endless itching of the skin and often scratching the skin badly? Can you not sleep because your child is not able to fall asleep? You hold those tiny hands to prevent them from scratching?

Our clothes have been developed with an emphasis on the specific needs of these children, helping to alleviate the symptoms mentioned, thus leading to an overall improvement in the health and psychological condition of the child. Part of the night suit is cotton
T-shirt with long sleeves and tightly attached gloves.
They have an extra inner layer to eliminate the contact of nail and the skin. Thanks to this T-shirt the impact of itching and irritation is minimized. The T-shirt effectively prevents the unpleasant consequences of nocturnal scratching. Natural material drains the sweat away from the skin. The suit is made with an emphasis on quality that is why our product has repeatedly withstood extreme conditions.